Italian in a contrastive perspective
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Part-of-speech Tagset

ADVadverb (excluding -mente forms)
ADV:menteadverb ending in -mente
ARTPREpreposition + article
AUX:finfinite form of auxiliary
AUX:fin:clifinite form of auxiliary with clitic
AUX:gerugerundive form of auxiliary
AUX:geru:cligerundive form of auxiliary with clitic
AUX:infiinfinitival form of auxiliary
AUX:infi:cliinfinitival form of auxiliary with clitic
AUX:ppastpast participle of auxiliary
AUX:pprepresent participle of auxiliary
DET:demodemonstrative determiner
DET:indefindefinite determiner
DET:numnumeral determiner
DET:posspossessive determiner
DET:whwh determiner
NOCATnon-linguistic element
NPRproper noun
PRO:demodemonstrative pronoun
PRO:indefindefinite pronoun
PRO:numnumeral pronoun
PRO:perspersonal pronoun
PRO:posspossessive pronoun
PUNnon-sentence-final punctuation mark
SENTsentence-final punctuation mark
VER2:finfinite form of modal/causal verb
VER2:fin:clifinite form of modal/causal verb with clitic
VER2:gerugerundive form of modal/causal verb
VER2:geru:cligerundive form of modal/causal verb with clitic
VER2:infiinfinitival form of modal/causal verb
VER2:infi:cliinfinitival form of modal/causal verb with clitic
VER2:ppastpast participle of modal/causal verb
VER2:pprepresent participle of modal/causal verb
VER:finfinite form of verb
VER:fin:clifinite form of verb with clitic
VER:gerugerundive form of verb
VER:geru:cligerundive form of verb with clitic
VER:infiinfinitival form of verb
VER:infi:cliinfinitival form of verb with clitic
VER:ppastpast participle of verb
VER:ppast:clipast participle of verb with clitic
VER:pprepresent participle of verb
WHwh word

Document name format

Each document in CONTRAST-IT corpora is a newspaper article.
Document names are 18 character unique strings that contain 5 fields separated by underscore in the following format:
[Collection name]_[Corpus language]_[Newspaper]_[Section]_[ID]

For example, document cnt_it_rep_spo_005 belongs to CONTRAST-IT Italian corpus (cnt_it), to the newspaper La Repubblica (rep), section Sport (spo) and its ID is 005.